Local Oyama specialties

made with traditional craftsmanship and flavors

Oyama Tofu

Tofu, made with fresh spring water from Mt.Oyama is exceptionally delicious.  

Unique tofu cuisine can be found at the ryokans and tea shop along Oyama Sando.


Kyara-buki has its origin in the preserved food used by disciplinants. It is boiled nobuki or wild Japanese buterbur in soy sauce. Nobuki grow naturally around Oyama.  

Kyara-buki is natural and additive free.


Jizake means the Sake of a district. lsehara is very proud of its special brand.

Oyamana-zuke (pickled Oyama greens)

Oyamana or Oyama greens, are a type of leaf mustard that has been cultivated along the base of Mt.Oyama since the Edo period. The greens are pickled by carefully rubbing with salt. giving them an appealing texture and distinctive. slightly spicy flavor. It is available for purchase only in winter season.

Oyama-koma (Oyama spinning tops)

The three hundred-year-old traditional technique of making tops continues to this day with a pattern and color that harmonize well.  

The word for “spin” in Japanese is “mawaru”, which means “following”. Therefore, some people treat this top as a good luck talisman for money tofollow people.

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